Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas with Aydin

Aydin's first Christmas was so much fun.  She really seemed to enjoy it and did so well with all of the activity and driving.  We spent Christmas morning with my family and then drove up to Arvada to spend the afternoon with Jesse's family, then back down to my parents house for the rest of the evening.  She had so much fun tearing the bows off her presents and chewing on wrapping paper; I don't know why we even bought any presents for her, but she loved all of the books and toys that she got.  As wonderful as Christmas always is, I think having a baby to share it with makes it so much better.

Monday, December 15, 2008


So at her 4 mo. appointment the doctor said that we need to start her on cereal. I know everyone has a different opinion about when that should happen, but I'm kind of on his side considering how fast she's growing. We gave her some rice cereal for the first time a little over a week ago. The first time and the next few times were pretty messy to say the least. I don't think any of the cereal actually made it to her stomach. It was everywhere!!!! But she LOVES it. She is doing so much better now; she eats pretty much all of what I put in her mouth. She still thinks it's funny to blow bubbles and spit just when I put a mouthful in which is a mess, but I kind of think it's funny too.

Also, she started rolling over last Monday. She goes from her back to her stomach, and we can't hardly keep her on her back anymore. She will roll over and then look at us with this huge smile like "did you just see that!?!" She is pretty proud of herself, as are we. We were wondering if the thunder thighs might hold her back, but nope. I have some video of it, but I haven't had time to figure out how to get it on here, so I'll try to work on that tonight and add it later.

She is starting to really like Abel now. He is a little (I mean a very little) bit more interested in her, but she lights up when he walks by and she'll reach out for him and grab his fur. He just watches her and waits until she's done abusing him with her loving hair pulling. They'll be the best of friends....someday.

Nap time is going to be in her crib from now on ) : and we are on our way to working on a transition from bassinet to crib at night too. I think we might try that next week. So sad, but she is getting way to big for the bassinet. She can't really stretch out like she likes to do in the morning anymore. I love having her sleeping next to me at night, but it has to happen sometime. I was just hoping we might have a couple more month of that left, but she's running out of room.

And now for a little news about someone other than Aydin: I am a college graduate FINALLY! I finished my last course about a month ago and grade are finally in the books. That felt like it took forever, but it is such a relief to be done.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Tree & ER Visit

I'm still coming off my "scared mom" adrenaline high and I can't sleep so... Aydin had her 4 month check-up today; perfectly healthy, size of a 6 month old, shots, and all... 4 hrs. later she started wheezing. It started happening just when she got excited, but by nine she was doing it a lot. I called a friend from church who is a nurse and when she heard Aydin breathe she suggested a trip to the ER. I know the ER is just like a doctor's office that's open late, but the thought of having to take my baby there was so scary. Of course by the time we got there she was miraculously healed, smiling, cooing, and very excited about meeting all of the nice nurses and doctors. We got her all checked out, perfectly healthy with just a low, low, low grade fever. No idea what caused the wheezing (cough.shots.cough) I don't know.. she's not sick AT ALL what else could it be?
Anyway... we went out Sat. to cut down a Christmas tree. We got a great picture of us all bundled up and ready to go look for one...found the best tree ever...tried to take a picture...the batteries are completely dead...great. Anyway here it is, and now I know why people don't choose the cute scrawny ones; half of our ornament are too heavy. So we have a very droopy tree, but I still love it!!