Sunday, February 21, 2010


I think I felt baby move today. I have been thinking that for the past week every once and a while, but today I am almost 99% sure of it, although it is a very subtle movement that I guess could be other things. But no, I am almost 99% sure today that this movement that I am feeling is baby. Oh, I love that feeling... I can't wait until I can be 100% sure of it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random Update'

We have actually had some interesting things going on in the past couple of weeks.

Our pet thing: So we got a cat. We decided that our fifteen some scattered mouse traps weren't really doing the job, so we got an outdoor/sometimes indoor cat to help us out. So far so good. The picture is the cat after meeting Samson (Levi's Saint Bernard) for the first time.
Our fun thing: We were able to go to the Children's Museum in Denver on Monday with some great friends and cousins. We all had such a good time. We went on President's Day without really thinking about it, and it was pretty busy, but still a good time. I think we will go again when it is not a holiday. I think her absolute favorite thing was the painting exhibit. She painted two pictures and probably would have kept on painting if we didn't need to move on. When we got home I decided to see if I could find a good deal on an art easel for her. It should be here next week, and I think she will love it. I have been wanting to find some other constructive things to do with her, so this will be perfect!
Our exciting thing: We had a surprise visit from Levi and Danielle over the weekend. It is always so fun when they come. Aydin and Ethan get along so well (when she's not bossing him around) and she loves his company. They haven't come down quite as often this winter as we thought that they might (maybe because they have a brand new baby) so we are hoping for a few more visits before the summer rush.

Our thing to look forward to: The Mercantile is getting their first batch of chicks in tomorrow, so we are going to give it another try. This time with a hopefully impenetrable chicken yard. I think Aydin will love them. She seems to like any and every animal she sees.

Our sick thing: Aydin came down with a stomach something last night and was up getting sick all night. We have our little set-up on the couch this morning with a drop cloth for the couch, a puke bucket, a few bottles of water, and some rags. This is her first bout ever, so we'll see how we handle it. She seems to be feeling okay, but hasn't had anything to eat yet, and didn't keep her water down.

Our baby thing: Everything is going well so far. I have my first check-up with the doctor on Monday. I will be 14 weeks then. After that only 4 more weeks until my next appointment, and I am hoping that they will go ahead and schedule an ultrasound then so we can find out what we are having. We'll see.

Well thats it, my random update.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Aydin's Show

Just a couple of videos of Aydin that I thought were particularly cute. The second one is mostly for her Grandpa because she loves to say grandpa, but never in front of him ( : Her new favorite word to say is giggle though, and for now the rest of her words are on the back-burner until she gets through this phase. These are the few words that I could get her to say on video.