Wednesday, March 24, 2010

1/2 way there

Well we have been very busy this past few weeks. They have flown by. Aydin and I made a trip to Olympia, WA to see some great friends. We decided to go almost last minute, but I am so glad that we did. While I wouldn't say that it was a relaxing trip, it was sooo much fun. I could totally see myself living there (no plans to move) There is so much to do, they have an amazing fabric shop and great coffee, and it is beautiful, not to mention the friends. This trip was planned by my brother and his fiance, so we went with them. Needless to say, Kailin and I got to spend some more time together, and I think became a lot closer (we were sharing a bed).

Aydin has been talking so much this past few weeks. She went from not seeming to care about talking, to now trying to repeat everything. She still doesn't talk much in public, but at home oh my. It is really fun to wait and see what she will say next. At 20 months old she finally has 8 teeth, and two more molars almost ready to be done popping though. We can FINALLY give her whole pieces of some things for her to take bites of. Can you tell this is a big deal for us? The video was included just because I think it's funny, and I didn't feel like posting a bunch of pictures.

Halfway through the pregnancy now, and feeling great. Will not be posting a belly picture quite yet (not that there isn't a belly yet). Halfway, ahhhh I need to start my "scrapbook" for this one. I already had at least 5 entries in Aydin's by now. This has gone by so much faster than my pregnancy with Aydin. I suppose it's because I am pretty distracted from thinking about it all the time. I have tried to think of what has been different with this pregnancy that would give me any indication of what this baby might be. All I can come up with are my cravings; hamburgers with Aydin, apples with this one. Oh, and this baby moves a lot more than I remember Aydin moving. All day long. That's not enough to go on. Only one more week until we find out. How in the world do people make it all the way to delivery without knowing. Even 20 weeks is killing me.