Saturday, April 28, 2007


Well, nothing much is happening around here. I got an e-mail the other night saying that we now have to student teach through the week of the 6-11th of May. I didn't have any huge plans for that week, but my brother-in-law's wedding is that Saturday (we are having some of the wedding party staying with us later that week), and I am going to be packing for a 2 week vacation that I am leaving for on Sunday. I thought it would be nice to have that week off for packing and cleaning, but oh well.

Also I went to one of my sister's fashion shows the other night with my mom. She was a model for a Denver version of Project Runway (the one where the designers have chalenges where they have to make an outfit using crazy stuff.) I got to go to the finale and it was so much fun. Her designer won the challenge for that night, and then won the whole thing. He got two tickets to fashion week in N.Y. and he decided to take Michelle with him. Check out her myspace to see photos of some of the stuff that he designed. Most of it is a little too high fashion for me if you know what I mean, but it was pretty cool still.

I finally found the camera charger though so here are some pictures of the chicken coup and our new ducklings. Yeah, we got ducklings. Jesse saw them at the feed store last time we went, and he thought they were sooo cute, so we bought a couple. They really are cute!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Three Weeks Left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, it has been a while but I hope someone is still checking to see if I have posted anything so that this will be worth my time. I am so excited to be finished with this semester of student teaching! I know I have said how fun it is, and how I am learning so much, but it is really tiring and kinda stressful. All I can say is that while I am sure my first year of teaching will be a lot of work, it will be nice to have my own classroom. It is a lot of work trying not to step on someone's toes. Anyway, three more weeks and then I get a vacation to Idaho and a summer full of chilling by the pool at the country club (while watching the members' kiddos.)

Also on Sunday Jesse helped me finish the chicken coup and put up a fence around it (day of rest my butt.) So the chickens were outside for the first time today. Not to brag, but I have to say that my chicken coup is pretty awesome. I had a lot of help from my dad building it, but I will take all the credit for the wonderful color coordination and the cute design. I probably shouldn't take credit for the color coordination because it is the same color as my parents house, but it was the only free paint that I liked. I wish I could take pictures, but our camera is out of batteries. Anyway, it was the chickens' first day out and about. I don't think they even came out of the coup until I visited them after work and coaxed them out, but after I got them to venture out they started to explore a little more. I thought it was great until midway through our dinner and Scrubs Jesse, looking out the window, said "What is going on out there?" Our neighbors on the west side have two pit bulls and one of them had gotten loose and decided to come over to our house. I was freaking out because our chickens had finally decided to come out of the coup and now there was a pit bull running loose right by them. Well, the neighbors finally came over and got him, but I think we are going to have to talk to our landlord (they rent from Walker too) about that dog. This is the second time that the dog has been loose on our property. Now that we have chickens, I'm not to thrilled about the visits.

My last little blurb is about a video game. Jesse got Guitar Hero last week. He was really disappointed that he couldn't buy a second guitar so that I could play with him, but I assured him that that would never be something that he would have to worry about. Well, I was wrong. I rock!! Actually in comparison to some people (Kyle Walker) I'm not good at all, but I feel pretty good about my pretend guitar playing when he is not around. I am so addicted to that game. I don't know if it's any indication that I would be a good real guitar player, but I was thinking about having my dad teach me to play a real guitar. At least I would have the timing down.

Well, that's all for now and probably for a while until something interesting happens.