Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fall Update

I guess I'm not very good at keeping up with this thing! Anyway, I start student teaching next week and I am so excited. I met my partner teacher on Wed. and he is so nice. He is really relaxed and seems to have a pretty fun personality. I think this semester is going to be a lot less stressful than the last. He also introduced me to the class. He said "I would like you to meet my fellow benevolent dictator." One of the kids asked what benevolent meant and he replied that we are giving, kind and helpful but that this classroom is not a democracy it is a dictatorship (benevolent dictatorship.) I'm not sure the kids really got it, but I was laughing.

We had a couple of friends move into the house next door about a month ago. It has been pretty fun to have them so close. We've been so busy that we haven't gotten to spend too much time together, but I think once things settle down a little we'll see more of each other. I keep saying "when things settle down a little I'll..." but so far no settling. Oh well. Also, I have been trying for a year now to get Jesse to go on walks with me in the evenings. I don't need to go out every evening, just every once and a while I thought it would be nice to get some fresh air and exercise together. Anyway, no luck with that, but now that we have friends next door her and I have been going on walks a few nights a week. It's been really nice to just get outside for a little while and chat.

I know that this is a short update, but I'm on overload right now so I'm having a little trouble thinking of things to write about. Oh, I got a really cute Banana Republic purse (real leather) at Savers the other night for .99 yeah, one dollar! I was pretty proud of myself for finding that great deal.