Saturday, February 26, 2011

Home is where the heart is!

So this happened pretty fast, but we are in the process of buying a house as we speak! We are finally in a place where we feel comfortable with it so two weeks ago we let our realtor know that we were ready to start looking at houses again this spring. Okay, so it is not even spring yet, but this house listing came up in a location that we like (Severance is just 5 min. away from Jesse's work) and we HAD to just take a peak at it. Well, turns out for the money that we can spend this is THE nicest house that we have seen (we have been through this process before, about 2 years ago.) And we made an offer. We won the bid with three other potential buyers by $100. $100! That was too close. I can't even believe that this is really happening. We had the inspection today, so we were able to take some pictures of the place. The inspection went really well. Now we just wait. Our closing date is March 31st. The next few weeks will be full of loads of cleaning, packing and HGTV.
This is it!! The back fence to our house is the fence for the neighborhood co
mmon area/PARK! Aydin is super excited about the little park!
There are two walk in closets in the master bedroom. This is just the back half of my closet!
The living room and staircase down to the basement.
This is a look at the entryway from the living room. The kids bedrooms and bathroom are off to the left at the front of the house, and the master bedroom is on the right.
It's just a fan, but....I LOVE it.
A look at the dining room from the living room.
And last, the kitchen.

It has a nice backyard too. There isn't any grass yet, so Jesse has some work to do this summer, but it is a huge backyard. Okay, not huge, but big as far as backyards are concerned these days. We are soooo excited. Can't wait to post pictures after we move in!