Thursday, November 05, 2009

Growing Up

Aydin dancing in her diaper and beanie.

Well, it has been a while since I last posted on the incredible developmental leaps that our little girl is making lately and I have nothing else to blog about so here you go...

She is still a very tall girl... 95% for height and 60something% for weight, but she has slowed down a little. Her hair literally gets thicker everyday, althoug it still has a ways to go before we'll be able to "style" it. And she FINALLY is getting some more teeth. She had two teeth come in when she was ten months old, but we saw no sign of a tooth until just a few weeks ago. Two have already popped through making the grand total four, and we can see four more getting ready to pop out. Maybe she can really start eating real food now.

She is running now and climbing, dancing, and talking more and more everyday. She can say "mama, daddy, Abel, Aydin, up, down, ball, wow, bottle, woof", and most recently "no." I was hoping she wouldn't learn that last one for a while, but what can I do? Every time a dog comes near her now she says "down," I guess I tell Abel to lay down more than I realized. She knows where her nose, eyes, mouth, ears, and hair are, and she'll point to Abel's eyes, nose, and mouth too.

Best of all...she is going to bed peacefully now. She has always been good about staying asleep, but she has ALWAYS fought going to bed. I have never been able to just lay her down and have her fall asleep, she just plays in her crib. I rock her to sleep every night, and I do love rocking her, but she would always fight so hard to stay awake. She would kick me, and cry, and arch her back. Now she just relaxes and falls asleep in my arms. We got her on a pretty good schedule, bought an i-pod docking station for her room, and got a few longer books to read, and that is all it took. Wish we would have tried the schedule thing earlier but, call me dumb, I just didn't think of it. Oh well, things are going good now ( :