Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

First Week

We have been home for almost two weeks now. It has been great. Rykin was born Wednesday the 25th, and Jesse was able to take off the rest of tat week and all of last week. Aydin has been doing pretty well, with the exception of a few rough bedtimes and the addition of a timeout chair to the routine for almost a week. She has been a little jealous of the attention Rykin gets from momma, but Jesse was able to do a lot of fun stuff with her, and I got out a couple of times for some quick just the two of us outings (ice cream cones at the park, and a pedicure.)

Rykin has been doing so well! Another easy baby I think, different than Aydin who was also, but easy none the less. He has been sleeping really hard. My only challenges so far are getting him to stay awake to eat, and getting him to burp so that he doesn't lay there grunting all night. He has been staying awake for longer periods of time every day. He was up for almost two hours earlier this morning. I love looking into his eyes. I think they are going to be hazel or brown maybe. They are a darker, warmer grey than Aydin's were. It's fun to already be able to see little things that clue us into what his personality is going to be. So far I can tell he is more patient than Aydin is. I think Aydin has more of my personality in her, and I think Rykin will be a little more like Jesse. Who does he look like? At first all I could see was David. Sometimes when he is sleeping I think he looks a lot like me as a baby, and I have heard from more than a couple of people that he looks a lot like my dad. He and Aydin have the same eyes (I think they are Jesse's).

It is amazing to me how our family seems so complete now. I told Jesse that I will not commit myself to just two kids, but at the same time the way we are now seems so right. I can't imagine how I would divide myself between three or four when it is so hard with just two. I haven't been able to just hold and admire him as much as I was able to with Aydin, and at the same time I feel like I haven't been able to stretch myself enough to give Aydin all of the cuddling, and undivided attention that she is craving. I know she will learn to share me, and as he gets older it will get easier, but right now...it's just hard. I was holding Rykin against my chest, under my chin, yesterday and I found myself just soaking it all in. His smell, the warmth of his squishy little body curled up against me, his quick even breaths. I am going to have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that this could be my last little baby.

I think every single person who has asked us how we are doing has also asked if we are getting any sleep. I think if you are a parent you know well enough that we are not (I am not). I think I got a total of 2.5 hrs. last night. Somehow it is just now catching up to me. Today is my first day alone with the kids. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon to, so I'll be going on my first official outing with both kids today too. I am a little nervous to see how it will go. Being a mom of two has been much easier than I imagined, but Jesse has been home with us up until now so I may be singing a different tune tonight. I am most worried about how Aydin will handle him being back at work. We'll see.

And so it begins, the little man is calling...