Saturday, January 30, 2010



~another miracle and blessing arriving at the end of the summer
~an uneventful pregnancy
~one big sister to be very happy, helpful, and amazing
~to be pretty huge before this is all over (am I already showing or is that all of the eggs benedict I've been eating?)
~my heart to somehow double in size to accommodate
~to be very busy knitting and sewing all spring/summer
~(hoping for) a little boy, I can say that right? but I won't be disappointed either way
~to change Jesse's mind about a name I have picked out
~a hot summer full of anticipation, preparation, and celebration
~a new aunt for my kiddos (and a new sister for me!)
~the happiest July/August of my life
~our house to be a little cramped, but full of more fun and memory making than ever
~to be visiting Suehiro for Buddha rolls quite often this pregnancy
~a visit from the most wonderful family who maybe, just maybe can somehow stay long enough to be here for the arrival of this little one too
~to be yet again as blissfully amazed, by how God can manage to put together someone as wonderful, individual, and perfect for our family, as I was when Aydin was born

Until then....ahhhh the waiting. Pregnancy is the hardest nine months of anticipation to get through ever!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This is for me just so I don't forget (and so I can feel more successful with what I have already accomplished instead of just swamped with what I still have left). My "this" winter knitting list...

Gobs of hats for Aydin
1 Pair of mittens each for Aydin, Jesse, and myself
2 Pairs of hand warmers (1 needing to be re-made)
1 Successful hat for Michelle, and 1 unsuccessful hat for David
1 Scarf for Aydin
1 Hat for Jesse
1 Pair of mittens for Aydin to wear next winter (in progress)

Left to do:
4 More pairs of hand warmers (2 by request from David and Aydin)
3 Sort-of sweater dresses (so excited to start these)
1 Sweater for myself
1 More little pair of mittens
1 More pair of big mittens for a friend in Alaska

Phew... actually this makes me feel much better. Seeing it in list form makes me feel like maybe I will get all of this done this winter!