Thursday, February 16, 2012


Aydin does not often say her s's at the beginning of many words. It is very endearing and I don't necessarily want to see it go. She says thinks like, "oooh that's a *cary *pider", and can I please have a *poon." And we have trouble with the -ed endings as well. For example, "that really *parkleded(sparkled)." Jesse mentioned yesterday that maybe we should start trying to correct her pronunciation. I had her saying all of her s words correctly and mentioned that while it was really cute when she said them the wrong way, she sounded very smart when she said them the right way. I left the room for a bit while she practiced saying her s words to Rykin and popped back in to hear her say, "Ssspecial! It is so cute when I say it the wrong way."

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Danielle said...

Cute. :) I love that that's the take-away lesson she learned from your little talk.