Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Last Hurrah

Jesse and I had talked about how nice it would be to take a family vacation during shut-down this summer, but in reality I'm not really supposed to travel 36 weeks pregnant. So, instead we decided that it would be fun to take Aydin to Denver for a couple of days to do some last only child stuff with her. I got a great deal on a nice hotel that was only a block away from the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver, and only a few minutes away from the Zoo and Children's Museum. We stayed one night, and had so much fun together!

Our first stop on the way into Denver was the Zoo. Aydin has been before, but we thought she might have more fun this time since she is a little older.

After the zoo we headed to our hotel to check in and get some lunch. Aydin was very impressed with the bounciness of the bed, and the swimming pool ( : Since we were so close to the "mall" (and because we couldn't for the life of us get her down for a nap with the bouncy bed and all) we did a little afternoon shopping, went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and saw Despicable Me, such a cute movie. The shopping pretty much did her in, so after her nap she was in a good mood for the movie and seemed to really like it. Below is a picture of us in the theater before the movie started.
The hat she is in is definitely a boy's cap, but she found it at Gap, put it on, and decided it was hers. I actually really like it on her. She insisted on wearing it most of the trip.Monday morning we had breakfast at a bakery on the mall and headed out to the Children's Museum. The museum was for sure her favorite part of the trip. She still spent the most time in the painting area, the girl's an artist.
We didn't get a chance to build anything together last time we were at the museum because it was so packed, but this time Jesse sat down with her and built a car for her. She was so proud, showing the other kid's her car. One little kid was very impressed and trying to get his grandma to make him one.
We had such a good time. I told Jesse we need to try and do this sort of thing a few times a year from now on. Jesse is on his three week shut-down now, and although we have a pretty busy week ahead of us, I am excited to get some time with him home to relax a little, focus on Aydin a lot, and just have some time to prepare for a new family member.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Almost There

I have now hit 34 weeks. It went by so fast this time! In no time at all I'll be juggling life as a mom of two. I'm still feeling great, big, but great. I have finally met all 4 of the midwives at my office and I really like all of them. Now that I know that he and I will be in the care of someone that I am comfortable with, I feel a lot more at peace with the upcoming delivery.

Aydin is becoming such a toddler. She talks all the time now, and just gets funnier every day. She has been potty training for almost 2 months now and is doing great with it. We have finally gotten her into some real undies that she wears at home (as seen above). She is very proud of them too.

This is becoming a very busy summer, which is good because it helps to pass the time. We have a wedding shower, a bachelorette party, a three day vacation to Denver (a last hurrah for our only child), two birthday parties, a rehearsal, and a wedding all coming up in the next couple of weeks (how can I look graceful waddling down the isle?). And then, hopefully, he'll be here. We'll see. I have to say that when I think about it all at once my heart beats a little faster, but it is going to be such a great month!