Friday, November 16, 2007

Picture Me

I've been tagged. I was asked to do one of these memes again so here goes. I'm not really sure what this one is supposed to be but anyway...

If my dad knew I'd posted I don't know what he would say. What wouldn't a dad do to keep his daughter happy?

Our car (the Subaru Outback that we bought two years ago and have already had to take to the shop twice for massive repairs) started overheating two weeks ago. Well to make a long story short we did everything that we could think on our on to save money, but then after repeated overheating we finally took the car to Houska's.

They decided to do what we had already done for free and charge us $100.00 for it. We had a little tiff at the shop because we were upset that they were charging us to do something that we knew wouldn't fix the problem, but they convinced us that they had. The car overheated FIFTEEN MINUTES after we left their shop. (Don't take your car to Houska's)

I called the Subaru Specialist and it turns out we have a blown head gasket...that's a $2,000.00 repair if you were wondering. On my $0.00 a month wages we don't really have the money to be shelling out for that. Anyway, I called my dad and after talking me out of a meltdown he told me that he thinks it will take a while, but he might just be able to help Jesse do the repair. We are talking a very time and labor intensive job here and he doesn't even give helping out a second thought. That's my dad for you. Needless to say this is just one example of many where he has been happy to go out of his way to keep his daughter happy.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Lovin' Student Teaching

I am having such a great time student teaching this semester!!! The teacher that I was partnered with is amazing. It is so easy to coordinate teaching this semester and I really feel like I'm getting to do all of the things that I felt like I should have gotten to do last semester like team planning and teaching with my own ideas. It has been so much less stressful than last semester and I'm almost sad that I have to leave in a month. I have already been asked to come back for field trips (they're doing this longitudinal study on the Poudre River) as a photographer. I think I'll be visiting a lot next semester in between sub-teaching. Hopefully my sub license will come in time or I'll have to get another crappy in between job. Anyway, I'm loving my experience thus far and have had a few very good reviews, not to toot my own horn but I'm pretty happy about those. No other news right now. TTFN.