Saturday, September 17, 2011


I burped at the table today without thinking. So, I decided to make an example of myself. "Oh, that was so rude! I shouldn't have done that at the dinner table. Excuse me!" Aydin say, "Yeah, you should do that in the living room!"

Made grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. They may be more done than usual. Aydin says, "Mine isn't supposed to be like that." I say, "Yeah it is, it's toasty." She replies, "No, it's burned and too crunchy."

Friday, September 02, 2011


Jesse get up early for work and I remember that he asked me if I thought he could stay home. I was feeling very ready for this guy to be here, but we had already had two false alarms. We had even asked my parents to come over one night because we thought for sure he was coming. I had a couple of mild contractions, but I sent Jesse to work, a bit disappointed. I was beginning to think that I would go to my due date this time.

My dad had a business trip to leave for that afternoon. I was having a few more really mild contractions, so when he called to see if he could come visit before he left for his trip, I asked if he would like to go for a walk. We walked together with Aydin in the stroller for a while. My dad asked if I was having any contractions, because he couldn't tell. They were a bit more regular, but still really mild.

Jesse came home at lunch, as usual and asked if I thought maybe we could go to the hospital. He really didn't want to go back to work, but my contractions were still 5-7 minutes apart and fairly mild. We called the midwife who said, "Well why don't you just come in after lunch and we'll check you out."

We got to the midwife's office at 1. They checked me and were excited to report that I was 8 cen. dilated! The office was connected to the hospital, and we were told that I would be able to go straight to my room ("in a wheelchair!," they said.) Patty, my midwife, came bubbling into our room as soon as we got there. She greeted us, very excited, and then excused herself so that the nurses could do what they needed to do. As soon as I was ready she came back into the room (and never left again until after Rykin checked out okay) and talked over everything with me. She was so comforting and supportive. That was a little before three. Jesse sat behind me in the bed, supporting me the whole time and Rykin was born shortly after at 3:35 PM. I held him briefly while Jesse cut the cord, but he was having trouble breathing so they whisked him away to make sure he was okay. He was perfect! An 8# 11 oz., 20 1/2 " baby old man. He was so wrinkly!

The whole experience at the hospital could not have gone more perfectly. I loved Patty, a wonderful Christian woman, who has heart for the work that she does! Having an amazing birthing experience made Rykin's arrival all the more wonderful! I was so glad to finally have him here with us! And as excited as I was to meet our little guy, I was even more excited to introduce him to his big sister.


Rykin is one year old now! The year went by so quickly. He grew up way to fast for my taste, but it has been a fantastic year; watching him grow, his personality blossom, and his relationship with his sister become more obviously playful. The boy in him has come out, and adds a fun little twist to the daily routine of these two girls. He likes playing with cars, attacking pillows, and walking around house with his walker (little old man.) He is very determined, if not a tad stubborn. And he is a charmer. He loves to socialize, always sitting backwards in his highchair so that he can see all of the people around him. He will be the class clown I think. He is confident, but at the same time quite a mama's boy. He has completed our family! What a blessing!!!