Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rykin had a "spot" show up on the white of his right eye two Sundays ago. This picture is the best one I have of it. I took him to the doctor, two Mondays ago, who thought it looked like a scratch and should go away on its own in less than a week. By this past Sunday it still hadn't cleared up, but had actually gotten worse. And there was a new spot on his left eye.

We went to see the eye doctor yesterday and found out that it is actually eczema. If the eczema gets worse or is not treated it can scar his eye. And if it spreads over the iris it can affect his vision. Also, this is a recurring condition, just like the eczema on his skin. He has mild eczema on his skin, and it flares up with the changing of the seasons, but I have never heard of eczema on the eye. The eye doctor asked if we have any pets at home...and when I think back, the spot on his eye appeared after the week that Abel started losing his coat. Jesse had mowed the lawn for the first time the week before as well. This eye eczema is caused by allergies, and whether it is seasonal allergies or an allergy to Abel, I am sure it is exaggerated by Abel either losing his coat or bringing clippings of weeds and grass in on his paws. The treatment, steroid eye ointment and removing the allergens as best as we can.

If Abel was healthy, I am sure this would be reason to find him a new home. However, we have been on the fence about whether it is time to say goodbye to Abel. He has gotten to where he has to lay down even to eat his food. So, I guess this situation has made a hard decision a little easier. Abel went to stay with Jesse's mom last night, and Jesse will make an appointment for Friday to take Abel in. I can't make the appointment. Abel is a very calm dog, so when he was in the house it was still pretty quite, but last night I noticed that there is just "something" missing when he's not there. This is going to be a rough week!

Monday, June 06, 2011


Aydin was sitting on my bathroom counter yesterday while I was getting ready for church. She started playing with my perfume and I was worried about her dropping it and breaking the bottle. I explained that what was in the bottle was special to me because it made me smell pretty and feel like a lady. She helped me spray it on and said, "Now you look like a lady!"