Monday, April 18, 2011

house and kids update catch-up

Well this post is LONG overdue! Yeah, Rykin is almost 8 months old and has grown up quite a bit since the last update I posted and we are all moved into our new house. Sooo, I should have done this a while ago, and this may be too long, but here goes.

New house:
We moved in April 2nd. I think the move went
pretty well. My whole family came and helped clean and move everything. We had a few unexpected things pop up, but nothing we couldn't handle. As of now we are all settled in, getting to know our neighbors, and getting started on homeowner things that we will be working on all summer (the yard!). Here are some pictures. I still have some more decorating "work" to do, but I am having so much fun getting our house set up just the way we like it. This place feels more like home already than our rented house did. We are lovin' it!
Aydin gets to have her kitchen in her own room. She loves knowing that the space is all hers.
Aydin: She is getting so big! She talks all of the time and has started pretending a lot. She is a little smarty. She is so excited about her new "friends," our neighborhood kids. She has a bike to ride in our circle, and we have already visited the parks quite a few times. She couldn't be happier in her now home.

Abel: He has some bad days, but enough good days that sometimes I question his diagnosis. But I know that we need to be preparing ourselves to say goodbye. The worse he gets, the more cuddly he gets.
Rykin: 7 months old already!! He is soooo much fun! A very happy kid. He really only gets upset if he isn't being fed fast enough, and sometimes when I'm not around. He is a mama's boy for sure. He "talks" a lot now and can say mama. He loves playing with Aydin. The two of them can really get each other going. She is his second mama. If he coughs she pats his back, if he has a runny nose she wipes it (kind of), if he cries she tries to make him laugh or asks, "are you okay broseph (Jesse called him that and she adopted it)?" He thinks the world of her, and he is very forgiving when she isn't the nicest. He is crawling everywhere and so fast, eating solids, and learning to drink from a sippy cup. I just can't believe we are going to be celebrating his birthday very soon.
We are so blessed. It really feels like everything is coming together.