Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Funny Anecdote

This morning I was reading a story to my 3 yr. old preschoolers about wild animals and their habitats. When I came to a page that said, "This animal likes to tumble in the grass, do you?" one of the boys said, "I like to tumble in hairy carpet!" When I told his mom about his comment later she laughed. Then she explained that they had just bought a new Dyson vacume cleaner and after seeing how much of mom's hair it sucked up he continues to call their carpet "hairy carpet."

Monday, October 23, 2006

Nothing Much

A good friend of mine has blog and after looking at hers I thought it might be nice to have one of my own. I hardly ever have anything new going on though so I have nothing much to talk about. This could be a problem, but we'll see how it goes.

I guess I could mention our recent trip to Golden CO. My husband lived in Golden when he was a kid, so he thought it would be fun to take me up there and show me his old house and a few other things that he remembered like the general store that has been there since 1830ish and where his old elementary school used to be. It was fun to listen to the different stories he had for every place we went. We also took a hike on a trail up by Buffalo Bill's grave, and I have to say that along with the view it was one of the most beautiful trails I have ever hiked. It was nice for us to get away for a day.