Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ahhhh, Sleep!

The last couple of nights I finally decided to ignore all of the warnings on the websites, in the books, and from my doctor and just go ahead and sleep on my back. You know what happened... nothing, except I slept great all night long (minus my usual early morning trip to the bathroom.) I feel so great this morning.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hormonal Finally??

I don't know what is going on lately. Throughout this pregnancy I think I have been pretty emotional normal (no hormonal craziness) but I have been so grumpy and easily irritated this past week or so. I keep nagging Jesse about stupid stuff that I would never even care about usually such as: "why, after I just did laundry is there a sock on the floor?" or "can't you keep Abel away from me while I'm eating, his breath is terrible?" Jesse has been a champ about it though. I think he knows that this is not really me, and I'll be back soon. Pre-pregnancy he might have asked what has been wrong with me lately... no need to ask now. I have finally gotten to the point where I can say, "I don't have anything to wear" and for the first time IN MY LIFE it is actually true. I broke down and bought a pair of pants with a panel in them the other day. I hate how that stupid panel looks, but they are sooo comfortable! Oh, and one more reason for the monster that comes out every so often - lack of sleep. I cannot get comfortable. I have tried the pillow between my knees, and it helps, but if anyone has any other fabulous suggestions please share. Please!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Nursery Decor

I have been working lately on the crib set that I am making for the nursery (instead of doing schoolwork) and I finally finished the bumper, the crib skirt, and the blanket. So I thought I would take this opportunity to show it off a little, because I am pretty proud of myself. They turned out so much better than I had thought they would. I am so excited to finish decorating the nursery. I think this is all I am going to do for now though, until I finish my classes. I still want to make curtains, a diaper holder, and hang pictures from the book that inspired this, but I've got plenty of time. Originally I had said that I wouldn't even start until my classes were finished, but.....